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A book that my mother had when she was a kid (and is in our home library)

It's about a pair of caterpillars trying to search for meaning in life, and has the counterculture stank of being written in 1972. And yet for that description and blast of yellow on most of the pages, it has a somber feeling to me.
This ain't no "Hungry Caterpillar" storybook...especially when it involves the leads breaking away from other caterpillars who are literally climbing over each other to "reach the top", not actually knowing why, and many dying in the effort...yeah, that sounds like 70's counterculture.

It's mildly a hippie book, that's just a little sad, but I love it. One of those books for adult understanding wrapped up as children's literature. Of course it can (and should) be read by children, but it's one of those things that when they become adults, the bolt up in bed in a cold sweat whispering "oh that's what it was about"

(And the way the caterpillars are drawn is so freakin' cute. They look like those magic worms)
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