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Originally Posted by mikey0 View Post
Thank you for sharing that interesting fact with me.

I’m sorry to say this, but the basic assortments to the original Playmates toyline were disjointed from the very first wave of figures. The 1988 Foot Soldier action figure was one of the very first cartoony looking action figures to come out of the ‘80s, if I’m not mistaken. The statue-like appearance of the 1988 Foot Soldier separates it from the other figures, also. I always thought characters like Genghis Frog and Ace Duck in the second wave were horrible additions to the line, but no one then (myself included) knew what to expect from the original Playmates toyline when it was in its’ infant years. The third and last wave of 1989 was much more of an improvement over second set of figures.

Here’s how I see it, really:

1988 - 1989: Good action figure line (not the best, but not bad)
1990 - mid ‘91: The original toyline is still somewhat in the safe zone.
Late ‘91 - mid ‘97: The first Playmates line takes the plunge completely by catering to children exclusively.
Well, toys are made for children. Was it the endless variant subsets? As a kid all through those years I much preferred basic line figures.

I take it that it was He-Man as the big thing then Transformers as the big thing then Ninja Turtles as the big thing. I often wondered if TMNT was the biggest among the phenomeons.

Colin, thanks for such an interesting topic.
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