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Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
Hey Bobby,

Do you ever poke around the other threads on the forum and feel tempted to contribute, or do you usually stick to this thread only?
If it's the latter, maybe it has something to do with TMNT being a part of your work life or the fact that you already have friends around you to talk tmnt with. Or maybe you just don't have any interest in forum discussions here.

Just curious, thanks.
Yeah, I do, frequently, especially with IDW stuff. I don't contribute much just because that's just my habit, I rarely think I have something interesting enough that's worth posting. I'm always tempted to write when someone writes something that I know the answer to or might be incorrect, but part of the fun of forums is wondering about stuff coming up, or theories about why things happened and me commenting would kind of put a damper on that I think. So I mostly just respond here when I'm specifically sought out.
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