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Question The Utrom Council and Guardians and Shredder's "death".

So, I have been introducing my husband to the 2003 TMNT series properly for the first time, with a complete rewatch from the start. This week we ploughed through season 1, and it occurred to me that the Guardians and the Utrom council were pretty stupid when Leo beheaded Shredder. From afar the Guardian sees the Shredder fall, and then immediately calls the Utrom council to inform them that Shredder is dead, and they believe him. While at this point obviously we aren't supposed to know Shredder is an Utom, and thus plot secrecy is important, in retrospect it was a pretty stupid move to assume that since he was beheaded that he was dead - the Guardian and all three of the council members should have known he was an Utrom in an exosuit.

Just my thoughts.
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