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Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
A couple of possible no-prizes:

- Perhaps exo-suits don't function without the head. So the fact that he landed face down, engulfed in flames gave them reason to believe he was burnt to death or suffocated. But he had a backup power supply.

- Perhaps they had reason to believe that the Sword of Tengu was powerful enough to kill an Utrom even if it only struck their exo-suit.

As cunning as Ch'rell was, it was out of character for him to play possum. So you just have to assume the Guardians saw that he didn't get up from that and called it good enough lol. Although, you'd think they would make an effort to retrieve the body so as to not reveal any Utrom presence to whoever found it.
Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
The only other theory I came up with was from an old post of mine.

Maybe the Council didn't want the guardians to know Shredder was an Utrom for whatever reason, so they figured Shredder would lay low for a while after his public decapitation and they could get the transmat up and running before he gave them any more flak.
I actually like all of the reasoning here! With such a well written series, it's a shame that sometimes there were just such obvious oversights.
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