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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
It would be a fun twist, but only issue with the theory is that when Meat Sweats absorbed Todd's "powers," it kind of proved Todd's power is niceness, as Mikey puts it. I thought maybe being the Spine Breaking Bandit could have been his past and mutation turned him good, but it was recent news when the Turtles read about the bandit, so... if he was being deceptive now and the niceness was fake then when Meat Sweats absorbed his true nature, were it actually being hidden, it probably should have given Todd away.

Which actually might have been the perfect time and cool way to throw such a twist in there, with Meat Sweats absorbing something unexpected bad from Todd instead.

I dunno, maybe Todd's real "power" is deception. Though a villain like Meat Sweats hardly needs anyone else's help for that; pulling off believable niceness on the other hand...

Though a serial criminal lurking around that the news dubs as the Spine Breaking Bandit turning into a capybara of all things is super random. Esp as Todd had clearly been busy with the puppy thing for quite a while and probably should have turned into a dog... Um.
Or maybe his facade of niceness actually is so good that Meatsweats isn't able to show it. We know Meatsweats is able to gain control of another mutant's powers and abilities temporarily. But it's never clear how long it lasts, for example in Donnie's gifts I guess you can estimate that he would have the ability for about an hour after all his mini-selves had grabbed Donnie and pulled him back into Meatsweat's lair. But they also would have had to wrangle and restrain him. And D did look like he had been tied to that stake for some time when the Minimeats reform into Meatsweats.

And we see Todd's powers appear to wane after what looks like it might be a span of 20 minutes. This could mean Todd didn't have much power so Meatsweats was only able to retain the niceness for that long, or maybe Meatsweats seeming to return to himself is really Todd's darker nature starting to come through.
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