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Originally Posted by wilddiverse View Post
Was there ever a ruling on including the TMNT magazine from Welsh? Nearly all of those contained a "Ninja Turtles Comic".

Would things like the newspaper strip or the Casey Jones webcomic meet criteria for inclusion on the list? Physical copies only?

And what about the 3 issue TMNT cereal giveaway mini-comic?
Well, since the news strips were technically printed they would count (by the way have you found an archive of them all?) Who did the webcomic? I seem to recall it vaguely, but if it was by someone who had worked on Turtles then there could be a place for it to go somewhere, but preferably printed stories are what I'm trying to catalogue along with the odd art appearance, cameo, etc.

Originally Posted by Archon_Turtle View Post
What about the Adult Only TMNT comic that Mirage put together? It never made it to retail, but it was limited to an edition of 50. Printed an bound just like a regular comic. By Bill Fitts and Steve Lavigne.
Yeah, every time I come to my thread I ponder that dang thing, Steph! I'm torn on adding it - on one hand it was an in-house production then on the other it wasn't meant to ever be released. I've been putting it off mainly because I'm not sure. I almost put it in the same category as me out guys, should I include Teenage Mutant Horny Turtles to the mix?
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