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Originally Posted by Coro View Post
Do we get to see how incredible it looks?
I wish I could share the pictures but I was told I cannot share them yet I'm sorry. When he gives me the ok I will share them immediately.

Originally Posted by d_osborn View Post
I'm pretty sure I have some reference... will have to dig around. It's essentially a 90s fever dream zebra pattern of black and metallic/shiny silver.
Awesome thanks this seems to be the toughest part of his outfit to figure out for 1/4 scale. Shredder is actually being sculpted in 1/6 scale then will be scaled up to 1/4.

Originally Posted by ***First of Two Latin Kings*** View Post
Always thought it was garbage bag plastic on top of a wire frame to further the gritty, lacking in resources image the Foot Clan has in the movies.
I can totally see that as well!

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