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Curious if anyone has any defective issues with their Henson Turtles?

I pre-ordered and received all 4 directly from Entertainment Earth over he last year and a half. They've been great - even replacing my Leonardo who had a paint rub from the factory.

I recently noticed my Raphael has developed moisture on the inside of the package. All 4 were left at my doorstep - completely in the shade, all 4 have been stored in the same place in my apartment - not in any direct, or really any indirect sunlight - and he's the only one that's developed this.

I have an email out to EE customer service to see if they would offer a replacement when the next batch is released in February - but am prepared for them not to offer that as well. No harm in asking. If not, I might reach out directly to NECA.

My assumption is somewhere in the manufacturing/distribution/shipping process - he was left in a very hot place for a long time and some degradation to the plastic/paint occured? Just curious if it happened to others, etc.
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