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A little over a month away from Toy Fair where I'm sure we'll see some new updates on the Shredder and the Foot!

Originally Posted by mikemgmve View Post
Curious if anyone has any defective issues with their Henson Turtles?

I pre-ordered and received all 4 directly from Entertainment Earth over he last year and a half. They've been great - even replacing my Leonardo who had a paint rub from the factory.

I recently noticed my Raphael has developed moisture on the inside of the package. All 4 were left at my doorstep - completely in the shade, all 4 have been stored in the same place in my apartment - not in any direct, or really any indirect sunlight - and he's the only one that's developed this.

I have an email out to EE customer service to see if they would offer a replacement when the next batch is released in February - but am prepared for them not to offer that as well. No harm in asking. If not, I might reach out directly to NECA.

My assumption is somewhere in the manufacturing/distribution/shipping process - he was left in a very hot place for a long time and some degradation to the plastic/paint occured? Just curious if it happened to others, etc.
Not so much with these figures as I've opened all of them ... but something similar happened to one of my Dark Knight collection Movie Masters figures when I left them in the box. The Joker started getting some weird moisture throughout his right leg and arm and it's still pretty bad actually. I'm not the expert, but that situation can just happen sometimes from what I understand.
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