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Thanks for the offer. I may just take you up on it in the future, but the siggy in question is still in the planning/early sketch stage, and I really haven't decided on a final version yet. On another note, I also plan on making the final product my DevArt ID, so you'll be able to see it there when it's done. I'm still torn between two or three different versions of it, although I'm strongly leaning toward the one I though up originally. Be warned, though (LOL) incorporates the Biker Mice From Mars logo, as that's the fandom that I originally began designing the siggy for.

Urk. Copy and paste is the ONE thing to do with computers that I absolutely CANNOT do as yet. But my sister does, and knows how to. So if you don't mind, I'll wait til I can get her to help me do that. SHE says it's ridiculously simple and easy to do, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Well, good things are, in MY estimation, WORTH waiting for. We gotta go down to her house in a few days, anyway, I can access to Forum from there, and get it done. Sound okay? Cool.

And on the "bro' or "sys" subject, I'M a "sys'....bro.

EDIT: I just noticed someting: I went ahead and right clicked on the image, and when I did, I noticed that it came up in my PhotoSutie program thingie. Is that the same as PhotoShop; etc.? And does the addy connected to it on my desktop count as an addy for it? I'm a relative novice at this sort of stuff, Hyper Metal Sonic, so I don't know much about how to go about it..
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