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Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
Great choice for an artist and a fun idea. I came close to diving in for a signed copy, but not being able to view the cover until you contribute is what detered me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that was the arrangement.

Still, happy for all of you that got involved. I'm sure the covers are going to look awesome. I'm pretty sure Jim Lawson does commissions from his website too, which I've been thinking about doing.

Take it easy,
Yes, only Kickstarter backers were able to see the front and back covers. But, the artist was announced to everyone and most everyone knows what Jim's style is like. I felt like it was a nice perk for backers to get to see the cover first. I know that meant some people didn't back it but I figured people that only wanted to see the cover would back it and then, if they didn't want the cover, they'd just cancel their pledge prior to campaign end.

I'm not sure of Jim's commission arrangement but he's very approachable and I'm sure that will work out as well.

Appreciate your interest. Copies will be made available for sale via my website after they are released in August.

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