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Originally Posted by ssjup81 View Post
Why wouldn't they? The promo said that it'll have 八神太一、17歳. It's definitely going to deal with a 17-year-old Taichi.Yup, same.No because I live in Japan. lol. I'm from Virginia, which is why I have the settings here in EST.

*points to profile*

When I said it was 7:30 something in the morn here, here = Japan.
I see you edited your location. I'm not too far from Richmond.Anyway, wanted to point you to a Kevin Eastman/Jason David Frank meet & greet.

Glad to have Tai back but I want Matt back too. Never quite got the plot reasons for why Davis, Cody, and Yoeli doubled up the other six's strengths and they had to open the gate for the other six to enter yet T.K. and Karai were able to side grade to digi-armor. I am not complaining just 14 years later and still not making sense to me.
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