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Originally Posted by RaphaeltheAwesome View Post

Stop and think how "The System" works for a second. If you're unfamiliar, it's more or less: "Why would we give the 'Big' super-heroes away on free TV? Who would pay theater prices to see a movie with these characters if they can stay home and see them on free TV?" Live-action super-hero-related TV shows are advertisements for the feature films, nothing more. They can "get away" with shows about Green Arrow and Flash because, "Nobody cares about those characters" and it's less of a risk to develop a TV show than a multi-million-dollar film that may flop.

A "real" live-action show with either Superman or Batman? I seriously don't think we're ever gonna see that again, at least not for a long, long time. Execs from WB have stated publicly, many, many times, they want to save their "Big Guns" for the movies. They have a half dozen movies starring both characters in the pipe for the next 5 years. Having two separate "universes" starring the same characters running parallel to each other would confuse the audience, and if people didn't like the TV show(s), they'd in turn be less likely to pay money to see a movie with those characters, even if it's an entirely different universe.

It sounds dumb, but honestly, history has proven them right. Their approach is the right way to go, even if it's frustrating to us fans. I, myself, would love a "proper" Superman show, but I've long since made peace with the fact it can't happen. It's business.

Honestly, Krypton itself, to me, is the thing about the mythology I"m least interested in. In my head, Kal-El's story begins when he lands in Kansas, everything before that is backstory and exposition and I'm not really into it. The show could be good, but it also could simply be "Game Of Thrones" in outer space. I'll check it out, could very well turn out okay, I'm just never super-enthusiastic about Krypton in general. You can tell the producers are just searching for any part of the Superman lore that hasn't been done to death already.

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