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Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
Give me a show that focuses on Superman's Mom and maybe...maybe I'd be interested.
Wow, first time in history anybody put out that particular request. Her role is usually "Can't we just keep him and blow up together as a family instead?" How are they gonna expand on that, exactly?

Anyways, I'll probably check this out but I'm not super-intrigued. I can honestly say, I've given absolutely zero thought to "Kal-El's grandfather" in my entire life until just now. They're gonna have a hell of a time finding ways to keep it going without being able to use too many familiar characters from the mythology, though. I mean, the books have had a ton of Kryptonian characters but how many viewers will know who Dev-Em or Quex-Ul or whoever is? It's not like on "Gotham" where just about anybody can watch it and go, "Oh, neat, that guy's gonna be The Riddler." There's going to be a fairly big disconnect from the audience if they can't fall on the old "familiar character" gimmick that these shows rely so heavily on.

I'unno, it's whatever, I'll check it out.

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