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Originally Posted by thundermaster612 View Post
So I watched the episode and it wasn't what I meant. The episode I saw had other mutant turtles that looked like the guy's with different colored masks and it took place in the lair (the one before FF happened). Note the part about Leo's birthday. I swear this is an episode.
I don't recall Leonardo celebrating his birthday in the 2003 series but the episode could be Big Brawl part 1 (the first Battle Nexus episode). In that one, the turtles did fight some guys who were supposed to fight 4 other guys who looked like the turtles, that wasn't in the lair though. Splinter ordered the turtles to stay in the lair but they disobeyed him and I think Leonardo was in charge. I'm just guessing but maybe the turtles were joking about Leonardo's birthday?

There are also the Dark Turtles but that's not till Fast Forward.
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