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Originally Posted by Filespit View Post
My initial thought when I suggested solo movies for each turtle included this. I was thinking Raph and Casey could take on Hun and the Purple Dragons in Raph's solo movie, or spinoff if you'd like. Such a movie could also be a good way to introduce Casey himself.

And while I'm still at it, I was also thinking Leo's movie could introduce Karai, and focus a bit more on the threat of the Foot Clan. Here we could also introduce more Foot-related characters, like the Foot Elite.

Donatello's movie could be a way to start exploring space-related stuff, like Fugitoid, the Utroms and such.

And Mikey's movie could be an excuse to set up the Mighty Mutanimals, with characters like Mondo Gecko and others.
The turtles could split up, and all four films could take place at the time.

*Raphael stays in New York City with Casey Jones to clean up the streets from thugs while the police are too busy with their coffeebreaks.

*Donatello leaves Earth inside an Utrom spacecraft.

*Leonardo goes to Japan for his adventure with Karai and the Foot.

*Michelangelo, who likes animals and children, gets upset over pollution and goes to Brazil where he meats the Mutanimals (I prefer Brazil-based Mutanimals to introduce some other environments).
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