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Originally Posted by DrSpengler View Post
Great to have a line of communication again! You know we all appreciate it!

My query...

The trade collection containing issues #51-55 is called "Order from Chaos".

Now, is that the name of the whole arc of those 5 issues, or did you have different names for the different storylines ala "Sins of the Fathers"/"Blood Brothers" (even though the trade containing those issues only went by "Sins of the Fathers")?

And heck, since I'm bugging you, will 5-issue arcs be the new norm over the previous 4-issue formula?

Thanks, as ever!
Truthfully, we rarely have TPB titles in mind when we're scripting, so when the TPB folk ask us, Tom and I are always like "Uhh... how about... THIS!" Some have worked out well, like City Fall. Others, like Vengeance, I haven't been that found of.

I also think the TPBs make people think we are writing for the trade, when we're not. We've had 4-issue story arcs, single issues, two-parters, seven-parters and a three parter coming up. We write what fits the story we have in mind, and hope it's not too jarring when read in TPB form, which I think we've got lucky with.

"Order From Chaos" is really two 2-parters, and a single stand-alone issue. We don't have individual names for those different parts.

Basically, we just try and come up with something appropriate after the fact. Sometimes, like with "Attack On Technodrome" it's easy, sometimes it's not.

5-issue TPBs are the new norm!
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