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War of Light was like, 2007-10-ish. Technically it started with the build-up to Sinestro Corps War in Summer 2007, and mostly ended with the end of Blackest Night in 2010. That's pretty much what is considered to make up the actual "War of Light".

Some people consider Green Lantern: Rebirth from 2004 to be the official start of the build-up, which is technically correct since Johns's entire run started there and some of those threads carried on until 2010, but I don't really count it. Some people also consider the events of "Brightest Day" to count as part of it, but I consider it separate. It's more like the aftermath to War of Light than a continuation of it.

So pretty much August 2007 through May 2010, although some plot elements started in 2004 and carried through to May 2011. Hope that helps.

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