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Alright. So my shipment did not get on the sorting, so I'll get it on Monday since the post office do not deliver mail on Saturdays and sundays. But my Partner got hers, she bought the Smokey Ninja, and a Black Deluxe with extra arms as my birthday gift... for 2 years ago lol.

And the Deluxe Ninja is fantastic, love the accessories and I don't have any major problems with the articulation. The masked heads are a bit snug on the peg but it'll widen out with use, and the legs are a bit stiff in the crotch joints. The demon mask was a bit mushed in the bag, but it's made out of rubber, so no problems when it's on a head.

I was a bit worried that the swords where off-scale, but it's not too bad, the katana is a bit on the long side but it's in the ballpark.
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