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Reactions are strongly going to come from fans saying the obvious...

"They pulled a Garbage man ep? That's great news!"

Whoever the anal retentive dispshizzy that runs the network now... oy...

It's like, no wonder why their version of One Piece sucked. We just can't upset little kids with that type of thing. By little kids, they mean irate grownups who get excited over the mear thought of a boycott, while letting little Jimmy or Jayney watch Jerry Springer without complaint.

Really is sad. I DID like Garbage man, to contradict the rest of the fans. And this would have improved the overall aspect of his character.

Now, why they couldn't have rewritten it as them being regular twins, sepperated at birth instead is beyond me. It could have got it on the air.

It would be cool if they animated it and recorded it anyway, and just put it on the DVD of the Lost season... unless that was why it was pulled. Though I doubt it.
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