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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Uh... what, are they not counting Super Double Dragon? This should be Double Dragon 5.

This is bullsh*t.

But only 24 years since Super Double Dragon came out in October, 1992. This is probably just going to be a Mega Man 9-like 8 bit recreation that wants you to forget the SNES+ versions of games to give the hipsters of today their nostalgic jollies.
Well this is normal since it automatically gives it a "it's a sequel to what you liked". The Mega Man example did respect the numbers though since 7 came out on SNES and 8 in 9 on PSX. You even see it in music I remember when Korn released "III" so you'd know it was going to be like the first two.

Ignoring Super DD wouldn't be such a bad thing since it's technically not "IV" but the fact that "V" was made after for the SNES retroactively made Super number IV but I guess this IV will be the "real" IV and all this time it was missing
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