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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
I feel the kraang didn't get a satisfying finale, they deserved better.
The Kraang literally got around 3-4 finales, depending if you count their appearances in the space arc as well in Season 4. I think we saw more than enough of them. Kraang subprime literally "dies" about 4 different times too. I liked the fact that the Triceratons killed Kraang Prime though. Makes sense to see a bigger alien threat take care of them.

Karai's partner, we never learned much about her, I don't even remember her name (shimigami?)
Shinigami's name was mentioned tons of times, what do you mean? Everyone else remembered her name. As for her past she was just Karai's friend from Japan, I wish they made them into lesbian lovers.

Hun/The Purple Dragons, what was the purpose of introducing Bruce Lee Hun if they barely did anything with him? He had potential, in fact I don't think he ever straight up fought the turtles. Same with the Purple Dragons, were they a gang or just those 4 dudes? Also remember when that one purple dragon helped Leo in the first season? That never went anywhere.
Hun got two major episodes in Season 3, his debut episode and then the second episode he appeared in. His only Season 4 appearances were brief, he appeared in one of the first eps after the space arc ended where Leo/Karai/Shinigami defeated him. He appeared for like 2 seconds in a montage in the Wingnut/Screwloose ep showing them beat him up. Then his last appearance is the episode where April gets controlled by the Aeon crystal/alien and goes evil, and she knocks Hun against a car. That was his last appearance.

I get the feeling the Nick writers never wanted to use Hun but just included him because of fans and they made him into a totally different character anyway so it didn't matter. And yes in this show the Purple Dragons were just the same 3 guys from Season 1 and then Hun. Unlike the 4kids show where there was like 40 of them.

The italian mafia, they were used enough but they had a lot of potential, wish they had been used more and had an actual plot against the turtles besides the anti-mutant one.

Russian arms guy, yeah he became Rocksteady but he appeared since Season 1 and he had a lot of potential as well to give the turtles more stories.
I get the feeling the Russian Arms guy wasn't even planned to be Rocksteady at first, then they just decided that by Season 2 when Bebop was introduced.

In general though I do agree there should have been more human enemies, I'm just glad we got the Mobsters, Purple Dragons and got to see Bradford/Xever and Rocksteady/Bebop as humans for a few eps before they mutated.
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