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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
No idea if it's been mentioned already, but this morning I just remembered that lizard lady in the photo belonging to... well, I can't recall his name right now, but the detective guy. (Had hoped it would expand more on him, too.)

Would have been cool to give her some backstory. Esp seeing as she was probably the only regular female mutant of the entire show, even if just a photo. (All the other girls are either non-mutants, alien, human-looking alien hybrid, or mutant who still generally looks human. Dammit why can't girls be real regular mutants?! lol)
The character you can’t recall is Kurtzman. As for that random mutant woman he was love interests with, she was likely just there as a sight gag.

But also some bolster to the Don O’Neil relationship considering Raph is the one reacting to the image where as Mikey is looking at it as though saying “I don’t get it.”

Most of the time when it comes to Donnie’s feelings towards April, Leo and Mikey have been supportive and tollerent of it. Not because they believe that the relationship will go anywhere, but because April is someone who makes their brother happy. And they don’t feel they have the right to ruin that or take that away from him.

Raph on the other hand sees the whole thing as delusional and the only result would be their brothers heart being broken. So he has tried to get Donnie to see that April is never going to return his feelings or love him the way he wishes because he’s a mutant, and she is a girl (also a mutant, but more human than Donnie would ever be). But seeing that photo of that mutant woman in an obvious sexual relationship with Kurtzman is a huge surprise for Raph because it shows a human can love a mutant.

As cool as Kurtzman was as a character, it would have been awesome to see more about him since there was obviously more to him then what met the eye, and maybe future lore of this franchise may do something more with him. But in this series he was meant to only have a small number of appearances since Robert Forester would be a hard actor for Nick to get a hold of.
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