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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Is this just for action figures and comics or all Turtle memorabilia?
If it has a release year and a name, it can be added. For now, though, it's mostly meant for figures and related toys.

Originally Posted by The Ninjinister View Post
I've found one little typographical boo-boo in that the 2009 Fugitoid release is misspelled. Don't know if it's across the board for him yet though as I've not had time to check.
Thanks for pointing that out, I fixed it. A database query shows that that's the only occurrence of that spelling.

Originally Posted by The Chicken Whisperer View Post
Hmm. When it asks for product name, the bar is so short that it doesn't show any of the options. I've just been blindly clicking on the highlighted spots for (hopefully) the right product.
Oops, looks like IE doesn't like the way I was populating the dropdown box. Thanks, it should now be fixed.

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