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There's already been lots of fallout from the new "Let anyone loiter" policy, though, at the Starbucks where the incident occurred and others. I'm far too lazy to dig, and it was a few weeks ago already, but I read more than one article where Starbucks employees were talking about being inundated with homeless people and drug addicts, finding blood, feces, and drug paraphernalia all over the bathrooms... which is WHY most stores have always had a "Buy something or get out" policy in the first place.

I don't envy them. "Betray common sense, or else you're a racist. Risk exposure to dirty needles and Hepatitis-infected blood, because some junkie just had to shoot up and decided YOUR store was the most convenient option." Not to mention the risk of assault; lots of homeless people are mentally ill, and even aside from that, a buddy of mine once got jumped by four guys in a White Castle bathroom, further illustrating why a certain amount of discretion is wise when allowing people into your store and restroom.

I wouldn't roll over for it. Too many risk factors involved. It's not a racial issue, it's a common sense issue. That's why our gym doesn't let "just anyone" in; the few times we let a non-member come in to use the bathroom, they always leave a mess and sometimes to a malicious degree, like pissing all over the seat or leaving the sink running full-blast. So my boss - who's black - refuses to admit non-members or anyone who doesn't have an appointment. "If they're not a customer, we can't have them in here taking up space or making a mess."

I guess he's just racist.

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