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Originally Posted by Mutant Ninja Anole View Post
Haven't bought the game, but I feel almost obligated to, despite my tentativeness with horror games and jumpscares especially, because the let's plays and fan art and other creations almost merits the $5 alone on the fun it's given me.

It's impressive when you realize it is a single person who made the game. The creepy design, the way the game seems set up to inflict paranonia, designed to panic you into wasting on your power on the doors and camera when you don't need to. But ultimately the whole thing has a subtext of humor to it. Chuck E Cheese style monsters? The fact that the guard keeps coming back, just to get a $4 an hour wage? The very fact that your horrible fate is being stuck in a costume? The glee of watching people freak out when that chicken pops up on your screen? Priceless.

My favorite fan art is the work that makes the horrible robot animals cute, like something kids would genuinely love during the day.

Omg yes, 5 nights at freddies is just an amazing game, it just sets that whole sense of "Isolation", and you know they are out there, you don't know where. And you don't know when they will come either. I love the feeling of playing it, its like that feeling of someone being in a pitch black room with you, but you don't know where they are. But you can feel their presence
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