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Originally Posted by Tetsu Deinonychus View Post
Leo as the leader, Raph as the "jerk", Mike as the playful one, and Don as the tech-wiz were still established in the Mirage issues that Wise had to work with. It's one thing to want his credit as the main writer for a particularly popular version of TMNT, but to try to usurp the actual TMNT creators, or take credit for TMNT as a whole is quite another.
If you're adapting a comic based probably Issue 1 all that you said probably wasn't clear. Yeah as you previously said 12 issues existed which wasn't much to begin with but if David only read like the first issue he's going to think he was responsible for TMNT's personalities. I don't think even David has considered that.

Originally Posted by Tetsu Deinonychus View Post
I don't believe that at all. Again, FW TMNT only exists in the first place because the Mirage comic was a surprise hit and that got Playmates and MWS attention. If the Mirage comic was a flop they wouldn't have made a cartoon out of it. (Not saying the cartoon didn't amplify that success to an insane degree, just saying the comic was successful to begin with)
I doubt TMNT would have been a success had it not been for the cartoon series. The comic did okay underground but it probably in the long run would have come and gone again again.

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Why is that cheeky? We all recorded stuff back then on these things called VHS tapes..

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I've had this same argument with him in the past, it gets you no where. The from 1984 to mid-87, the turtles had plenty of characterizing moments in Mirage between the main series, the micros and all the shorts/backups. But I guess in cferreira's demented little peanut brain, David Wise began scripting the pilot season in early 85
Well this 'little peanut brain' is reporting you're post for complete rudeness.
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