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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
I think people are getting too excited with the "Shared Universe" popularity created by the MCU and don't realize it's not that easy. If the reboot TMNT movies couldn't even get to a third entry why would they try to make a universe out of it?

Also people are mistaking why it worked for say Marvel, if you think about it all these superheroes were their own comic series' and eventually they had crossovers, same with DC or say the Universal Monsters. You had many A-listers who could handle their own book later set in the same universe. TMNT is the only "A-lister", anyone else getting a spin-off (as cool as a Casey Jones movie would be) does not make it a "cinematic universe" it would just be a spin-off that have been popular way before Marvel even started making movies. So the question is more of a "should TMNT have spin-off movies?" well I'd love it but if the main heroes can't hit it big the minor characters certainly won't.
Technically, Universal Monsters did it first all the way back in the 40s. "House of Dracula" and "House of Frankenstein" for example were movies that brought them all together.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB
Totally, the TMNT movie series could relaunch, then a Fugitoid series, then a Gizmo series, then a Bioneers series, then a Justice Force series ala Guardians of the Galaxy, then a big Avengers type crossover movie series begins that crosses them all over while they take on Galactose!

Wait, no. That's a horrid idea. Would never and should never happen.
Eh, I'd watch it. But, I'd probably be the only one. They could also throw in a Mighty Mutanimals movie and a Conservation Corps. movie too. (I know that's Archie Universe and not MIrage, but MM is the closest thing there's been to another significant Mirage property that TMNT share a universe with.)

I'd also watch a Bebop and Rocksteady movie that's done as a Road-trip buddy comedy too, so take that in account.
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