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Originally Posted by discordiatookie View Post
"To Rutger - You rule, sir."
Never been a truer statement. Well, there probably has been, but you know what I mean!

Am I right in thinking that you print off these pictures and send them away to get signed? I'm sure I read that before. Ever got back anything unexpected in the post? Just curious.
Also, how do you display all these? Up on the wall? In folders?

You collection is something else. Amazing.
Hi discordiatookie and thanks!. Yeah I indeed make screencaps, or find original photos and have them printed at a shop. Then after personal contact or on the fly I send the photo to the actors agency or home address. Or occasionally I meet one in real life. In that case I bring the printed photo with me!

If I send something on the fly, it's always unexpected to get it back, but I also sometimes receive more then I asked for. Like an extra signed photo or even presents. (check my site for those).
About displaying. My website is the true display. I have them in folders, and some are framed.
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