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Shiro Kame [NEW!]

Basic Info

Name: Shiro Kame

Other Name(s): Test Subject NS #1303; White Bitch; Brat; Wench; Kappa; Tengu; Yokai; Turtle Girl; Freak; Whitey (hates this)

Species: half human/half albino mutant turtle

Gender: Female

Race: Albino Red-Eared Slider

Language: English; Japanese (learned in the Foot Clan)

Birthplace: Unknown (was mutated by the Kraang at a young age).

Birthday: Unknown, sometime in the Beginning of the year.

Zodiac Sign: Unknown (either Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius.)

Religion: None.

Sexual Orientation: Straight (default)

Age: estimated in mid teens


Height: 5’2

Weight: 120 lbs

Skin Color: albino white

Hair Length/Style/Color: Purple and goes down to her shoulder and curls inwards with the bangs sweeping across her forehead to the right with
black fringe (a long, white ponytail when in the Foot)

Eye Color: Red

Make-up Style: Wears purple eyeshadow with pink lipstick

Piercings/Tattoos: None

Fashion: Prefers street/punk/goth/Lolita clothing. In the Foot, skin-tight, black suits with protective body armor.

Scars/Distinguishing Features: Has 3 scars going down her left eye, 3 more diagonally in between her eyes, and 3 more on her right cheek. Is rumored to have branded a tattoo on her chest in the shape of a heart with 3 intersecting lines in the center.

Shoe Size(Why not? LOL): DON’T ASK!


Hobbies: Playing video games, browsing YouTube, drawing art, browsing Tumblr, browsing deviantART, reading manga, reading books, reading comics, watching Anime, listening to dramatic reading, hunting Kraang, watching cartoons, training in Ninjutsu, getting in fights, guarding Karai.

Personality: She is stoic, quiet, slightly shy, keeps to herself, has a hard time forming/maintaining relationships. Suffers internal securities, causing her to not push herself unless she feels that she has a chance in doing something. She also does not trust others easily, and is racist/homophobic towards aliens like the Kraang, Triceratons, and others in general. She also does not understand much about things like relationships and love, so she's very submissive in that degree. When in combat, she becomes a blood knight, loving the thrill and honor that comes from an honest fight to the point that she'll sometimes get carried away and try to continue it, even giving her opponent a handicap to make it "fair".

Likes: Anime, Manga, Cartoons, pre-2000 live action sit-coms, Comics, novels, drawing, art, sweets, desserts, J-pop culture, most music, blood, burgers, pizza, nachos, potato chips, video games, Steam, Nintendo, writing, her allies, meat, fighting, honor

Dislikes: Most vegetables, crappy cartoons like Kung Fu Dino Posse, most Nickelodeon and Disney live-action shows, traitors, idiots, aliens, her enemies, dishonor, liars, vile people, injustice

Intelligence: Average

Strengths: Her mutation has increased her senses thanks to her species change to a half turtle/human mutate. Her eyesight, smell, and athletics have been increased, thanks to her turtle side. She also is very persistent, determined to not let what happened to her as a result of the Kraang happen to anyone else. She's also very loyal and will stay as long as you don't cross certain lines.

Weaknesses: While her turtle mutation has given her an advantage, it has come with a price. While her hearing hasn't weakened, her highly sensitive nerves in her back can be a problem; a well-placed hit can leave her in excruciating pain for over an hour, paralyzing her. Thanks to having no shell, she has no way of protecting her back from that kind of attack. Her inner rage, hate and insanity can land her in a ton of trouble, given how easy it is to get a rise out of her. She suffers from an extreme case of PTSD, which can result in her going into shock or blind rage. Was also bullied and ostracized for being a mutant, so it's extremely hard for her to make new friends or socialize with people. She must drink blood withing 6 hours, or will gradually get weaker until she dies.

Fighting Style: Ninjutsu

Weaponry: chakram (bladed, throwable rings)

Special Abilities: Enhanced speed, durability, stamina, flexibility, agility, strength, night vision, eye sight, smell, and hearing.

Phobia(s) : Insects, heights, deep waters (fear of drowning), being locked up, being experimented on, needles, surgery equipment, doctors and scientist, being betrayed.

Pet: None

Theme Song:
Hatsune Miku - Useless Child
Disturbed - Indestructible
Disturbed - Down with the Sickness

Timeline (Will include important moments during certain ages.)

0-4: Was presumably raised by her parents.

5-6: Was captured and experimented on as a test subject of the Kraang up until she was able to escape through an experimental portal that brought her to Japan. During the time there, she lived in Japan's countryside, surviving only thanks to her animal instincts, and suffered from PTSD-triggered amnesia erasing her mind of her entire past before that point. Was rumored to be raised by Japanese wolves.

7-13: Was found and captured by the Foot, and brought before the Shredder after being mistaken for a kappa yokai. She was taught the art of ninjutsu and how to speak fluent English and Japanese. She was horribly bullied at the start of her training due to her appearance, illiteracy, and suspected autism. However, this motivated her to train harder until she defend herself against her bullies. Due to her strength, she and Karai became close friends, with each trying to outdo each other.

14-now: Was taken to New York with Karai when there was evidence of Hamato Yoshi being alive. Believing that they were going to make a vile man get his comeuppance for his past sins of killing Karai's mother, and disfiguring and betraying her master, Shiro was very eager to come to Japan. However, she also learned of the Kraang and regained her memories of the experiments, causing a slight change in agenda for her. She's still loyal to Shredder's cause, but also wants to repay the Kraang for what they did to her. As the wars between the Foot and the Turtles, and the Turtles and the Kraang go on, will the decisions that all sides make influence Shiro to make a change in her loyalties?

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