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The van set has all of S3 spread over 4 discs (D3-D6) exactly the same content as the slices. It covers the 48 episodes of that season, and I am sure that these, like every other disc in this set are just the original Lionsgate releases encoded onto new artworked discs (well, adding disc 1 thru disc 23 !)

The new release of S3 is strange, particularly after releasing the complete set. And, if that sold out so quickly, I would have thought that a reissue, or a second printing if you like, would have been the way to go.

Anyway, it looks like some people here will be getting it.

I would still like to see a release of the 2K3 series, which I would buy, even if I do have em all tucked away nicely on a computer or two already.
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