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Even if I'm not very fond of this show I do want it to continue as long as it can even if I don't get to watch Cybercubed's meltdown that it didn't reach 150 episodes which is some odd number to go for. I do think things are not going well with the new movie bombing, apparent low sales of figures, at the end of the day ratings don't really matter. Before we used to get confirmation fairly quickly of the next seasons and now they seem to be stretching it, so yeah things don't look great but maybe they're just trying to figure out what to do with the franchise.

I'm hoping they decide to continue and yes that means another PD's movie, I mentioned this a few times but the Nick show was going to be linked to the movie and if it bombed it would hurt the Nick show/franchise in general but everyone has such sheep mentality that you want to hate on something just because it's cool but it was far from terrible even if it wasn't what you wanted to see.
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