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Originally Posted by Redrumh2o View Post
So does that mean the cover is b&w?

I suggest some sort or COA of get a facilitator involved and get these CGCSS...... what's to stop just coloring one?
Originally Posted by Mewzard View Post
Yeah, after the added copies of the hand-colored one, I broke down and got it. It's going to be a nice little comic to have.
Originally Posted by TurtleWA View Post
Yeah I also sent a pm a few days ago about CGC.

I love the way encapsulated books look and wasn't sure if I could get it authenticated after receiving it due to the fact I could just sign/color it myself.

What's the largest comic convention in Colorado? In theory couldn't Rich fly the artist to that con where most likely a CGC representative would be attending.
Denver Comic Con is our big one around here. But it's happening before #73 comes out.
I'm going to try and see what I can make happen with the CGC stuff. What would you typically expect to pay extra to get a CGC Signature Series if I added that as an option?

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