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Originally Posted by MrPliggins View Post
Thanks man..well this is a collection amassed over the course of years. And on-and-off collecting. My collection used to be much larger. I amassed a lot of things in the early '90s, collecting everything tmnt. Then probably for a course of like 10-15 years I didn't collect at all, focused on life, school, career, etc. I've since gained some focus and I've downsized my collection by more than half.

As for the #3 error, before it was first printed, they needed some copies for a local con. They pre-printed off 500 copies, and the tones were missing from the cover, resulting in "whiter" whites. Some people view this as the "true" first printing.
Ya man I'm right there with you. I didn't start going to cons until 2005 and those were anime cons (Anime Expo). I wasn't at a Comic Con until, like, 2007 for Phoenix ComiCon and that was when the show was still small. Now it's HUGE! Last year I saw a vendor with the Giant TMNT toys from the 90s, which I used to own Leo too haha.

But, I haven't been to any big Comic Cons so I literally didn't see ANYTHING TMNT for years! I saw the new toys for the 2003 series and then I saw some stuff when the 2007 movie came out but, otherwise, nothing!
So hats off to you, sir, who been at the right place at the right time as far as convention attending!

More and more I feel like I'm left out of so much and yet I live in Phoenix now... (which will be changing soon too... ugh).

And ya, I would consider that a true first print.
I THINK that my reissue #1 was whiter pages too... no tones... I'll have to look at it again.

Originally Posted by MrPliggins View Post
TMNT #1 pose collection.
L to R: #1 (1st), #1 (2nd), #1 (3rd), #1 (6th SC), #1 (FCBD)
#1 (Color Classics), #1 (2009 Mirage Reprint, non-error), #50, IDW #12
I have PBBZ somewhere, can't find it

What's left of the action figure collection:
Soft Heads / Fan Clubs. Would like to upgrade some of these one day. Once again, Don needs upgraded most with a pretty bad price tag pull

Gags, Jokes, Crazy Weapons (I think these came out at the same time as the original figures?)

Leftovers. Krang and Scumbug sold on Ebay with non-paying bidders..and I just like the other 3 too much to sell.

And that is all of my TMNT figures. A far cry from what I used to have...!
Woah! Do I own a number 1 that you don't have?! :O
Otherwise a very impressive collection there as well!
I think out of all collections I have seen... which are largely toys, yours is the one I'm most envious about lol
And that's primarily due to all the good art stuff you have!

I really enjoy looking at your collection here.

I never even knew those extra weapon packs existed! Too bad they were gimmick "joke" weapons and not, like, additional stuff.
HAHA This makes me think it's pre-DLC XD

And nice toy line! I'm hoping to score Bebop and Rocksteady on MOC at a local comic store... I'm hoping the store owner will negotiate otherwise with what they are tagged on, they would run me about $100 and I can't do that.
Any of your toys there up for sale any more? Like Krang or anyone else? Or are they all that you'll keep for your set?
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