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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
I get the impression they're talking about Mutants In Manhattan, (though I don't think anyone brought it up...) 'cause that TMNT game did get pulled from Steam & received a lukewarm response.
Yeah, I think this person was confused about the thread. However, it's still so crazy that it got pulled not even a year into it's lifespan from the digital stores. Hopefully Activision has lost the license completely and we can see bluer skies ahead.

Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
Iíve been playing with these guys for the last couple hours...

Wow. What a treat. From the dialogue and the voices to the look and the move set, rarely do we see such love put into our boys. And with respect to IDW and Nickelodeon, rarely do they feel this authentic.

It appears that the developers even made attempts to flesh out unique aspects to this tmnt universe. Iíve noticed that when Leonardo wins a fight, he will mention Splinter, before a little rat scurries on screen to acknowledge Leo as they bow to each other. Could Splinter be communicating with the turtles through common rats? Very cool.

I hesitate to over set expectations, but as a lifelong fan of the TMNT, I really do consider this a treat. Anyone with interest should check it out. It sits alongside the IDW 30th anniversary issue and Neca 1990 movie figures as my favorite TMNT product since the buyout.

100% agree with you. I was completely hyped from the trailer and it's lived up beyond my expectations. My brother and I have been die hard TMNT fans for as long as we can remember and it's stuff like this that just keeps the fire going too.

So far I've got them to Level 15 and I've played around 80+ matches with them. They're already my most played characters and Raphael is my hero card now too.

For those of us with a favorite Turtle, how often do you find yourself sticking to one? I can't really part with Raphael, much like my brother with Michelangelo.
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