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Originally Posted by Netkeeper View Post
And another thing that made me happy today: Friend's trading me a shiny Eevee!! I'll have a legit non-hacked shiny of Jolteon for the first time in my life and I'm incredibly excitED JOLTEON IS THE BEST OKAY IT'S MY FAVOURITE
I used to have 4 shiny Eevee in Platin (Donīt have the game anymore).
I chained them with this wobbling bush technic and they evolved to Flareon, Glaceon and Umbreon (one remained to be Eevee).
Umbreon was my fav. and got the Nickname Luna.

What made me happy today: Found my old "Sleepy Hollow" DVD in the basement! I love movies with Johnny Depp
"The enemy of my enemy is my bro!"
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