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Originally Posted by Netkeeper View Post
So the sharpies she sent me arrived. I didn't expect to get nearly this many. Looks like we're both tricking each other.
I don't think I'd trust Mikey with sharpies, lol.

Had such a lovely day today. We went to our favorite game store and my husband and I each got something. My husband and I got some new T-shirts (2 TMNT, Sonic & Godzilla shirts) which is always awesome! Then we took our son to his first ever movie in the theatre "Planes Fire & Rescue" with my folks and he was completely enamored. It was so fun to see him so engrossed. Then we all ate at a pizza place and played arcade games together and had an air hockey war. I finally beat my mom, which has never happened- it was cool. Just a great day, full of fun times with family and just a relaxed feel. Plus I ended the day by fixing a broken SEGA CD that I got a week ago or so. I had to teach myself to solder and practice a lot, but was finally successful. Great day! I haven't had such a nice day in quite some time!
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