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Originally Posted by Redrumh2o View Post
Well I just got back from Boston Comic Con and I am on cloud 9!!!

This was my first con was ok....I was really only there for TMNT related stuff so I was done quickly then did a quick walk around. I have met Eric Talbot before....but never had the opportunity to buy OA from has been a grail of mine...until now!!

My scanner does not do the colors justice....they are so vibrant its crazy. I may try to take regular pictures later of everything....these are all my excited/rush pics...

I also got a quick sketch from David Petersen...great guy! My goal is to get all 4 turtles 1 at a time from him

And CP Wilson III......I am not a HUGE fan of his turtles (I feel they are too shadowy)...but I couldn't pass up a sketch

I also finished off my 30th Anniversary print w/ Talbot & Dooney

And also finished my shell w/ Talbot, Dooney & Sakai

And a few more Sakai items!!!! ( I am planning on getting the book signed by Peter as well)
That's shell is amazing. Sorry for be to posting this but I had to after seeing that.
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