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Speaking of weird....

Last night I had a dream that there was a gremlin in my bedroom. Seriously, it looked like Stripe from the movie Gremlins, but about two feet tall, with a long tail and a spine down its back, and the mohawk was spiked. And it was wearing bells.... It was like a gremlin and a Xenomorph (from Aliens) mated or something. This thing was running around the end of the bed, and then it jumped up on the bed snarling and ran across it and out the door. I sat up to ask Mr D what the heck that thing was, only to realize I'd been dreaming, and he wasn't there. He'd gone out to check his blood sugar like he usually does around 3am, so I got up and sat with him for a while to get the dream out of my head. Freaked me out.
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