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As a vinyl junkie ... obviously my heart would go to getting this sucker on a 3xLP of the original trilogy. Most people these days (if they purchase physical) tend to lean towards owning the vinyl version of something, especially when you look at things like Sonic Mania's soundtrack.

A CD version would be cool ( as I actually own the score for Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" on CD ... haha) but getting a proper vinyl release of that TMNT score is a dream come true. Certainly it'd come with a download of it too.

My ideal option is MONDO since they do some AWESOME artwork, packaging and color variations ( I own their soundtrack release for "The Greasy Strangler") but anyone that puts this out is awesome in my book.

Also - to answer your question ... I feel like my Greasy Strangler soundtrack did some with a digital download, but I might be wrong.
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