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Well It's been a little quiet last week. But I guess I can only get so much at a time .
I did stumble across some new interesting contacts and some mayor names, now lets just hope I'll get anything back from them. Hopefully next week I'll have some new treasures to share here!

To keep in the line of "It's kinda quiet, so let me show another personal favorite" Here is the very first TMNT photo I got signed, back in January 2006 (Wow that's ages ago )

Back then I wasn't making crisp clean retouched DVD screencaps, like I always do, so I used a trading card and enhanced that as much as I could from such a small picture. But it turned out ok, and I was really excited to get it back with Cam Clarke his autograph. After that the collecting fever struck me big time ...and we all know what it lead to.. a full fledge TMNT autograph invasion

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