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That's definitely wacky. I pay around $12 per ticket over here, sometimes less. One place I went to commonly offered Student prices of under $10 if the only seats left were in the first two rows, and with the reclining seats that's not even a huge deal-breaker anymore like it used to be. But they know it's annoying so they let you pay like eight bucks rather than leave. That's always cool.

A popcorn-and-soda bundle is generally about $8, give or take. My wife and I generally split one because we don't like to get up to piss during a movie, and I can't guzzle a giant soda and hold it for an hour like I used to. So yeah, a Movie Night is about $35 for the two of us, which isn't bad.

I definitely believe the $20+ horror stories, though, I hear it from lots of people who live elsewhere. Just glad that's not the standard over here.

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