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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
That'd sure be a worthy silver lining.
I went by my LCS and talked a little shop. DC is the only one to shut its printer down of the comic companies. Diamond advised all companies to with the distributing house having to close up for at least three weeks and only DC followed suit at this point. I guess they had less direction and obliged the time to override Dan's plans. The Deadpool was officially canned at my comic shop due to the hiatus and Dan's dismissal. Everyone who put in gest a free comic( so TMNT/MMPR#5 will be it for me). So if this non-essential shutdown due to the Cornavirus puts DC in a better position and no force feed 5G well it is indeed a welcome silver lining.

I also buy five monthlies and one mini series ( currently TMNT/MMPR) so I went ahead and bought my monthlies for April by buying a $20 gift certificate. My shop will remain open until Sunday because of the new comics out and with this being the last week will shutdown for two weeks. I ask for everyone who has a small LCS to support their respective shop by doing something similar. Mile High Comics sounded the alarm in its newsletter and irked a lot of comic book owners with the bleak message which is not necessarily true. Still support your LCSs and buy your comics in advance if you are able.
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