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I apologize for the long silence, today I want to talk about our new projects.

1. In 2019, we released a comic "TurTILEs". This is a collection of one-page stories and parody posters.

2. This year we released the comic book "TMNT vs. Minsk Publishing". This story is about how the Turtles avenged Russian pirates for horrible books from the 90s.

Unfortunately, we do not plan to release these 2 comics in English yet.

3. Almost all (except for "TMNT vs. Minsk Publishing") our comics (in English and Russian) can now be downloaded here:

4. Now we are on Twitter and Instagram.

5. We plan to release a printed version (TPB) of "Illusions" in English this year.

5. Also this year we plan to release a #1 of our new mini-series "TMNT: Special Agent Ravenwood". This will be a direct sequel of the mini-series "Bebop and Rocksteady Hit The Road." The comic also tells about the past of Agent Ravenwood (in flashbacks). A free digital release (Russian and English) is planned for this fall. Art by Alexander Malyshev & Alexey Gorbut. Covers, concept art and teasers:

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