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They were both bad but at least OOTS knew what it wanted to be. 2014 was built around a few action scenes and you could literally see where they re-wrote it on the fly after the Shredder controversy (having already rewritten it after the alien blunder). It was a movie that didn't seem to know what it wanted to be. OOTS at least seemed to know it was a live action episode of the FW cartoon and, for the most part, stayed true to that. Plus, like has been said, it starred the Turtles rather than April.

The first one made me angry at the squandered potential of a live action reboot and at how stupid it was ("can't help Leo, my shell's cracked", 10 seconds later uses shell to smash an armoured vehicle). I had more fun with OOTS because it was never more or less than what it said it would be. It's not my ideal Turtles now, but as a kid I would have loved it and I can appreciate it on that level (a bit like Batman & Robin in a way).

Probably helped that I saw it in 4DX as well. First time I'd seen a movie in 4DX and still the best. The fact that it had a lot of action made it perfect for the format. It was just a really fun experience seeing it like that.

All that said, we've now proved that FW & Bay do not equal box office success. Hopefully now we can get a director with a vision for the franchise who can do a Mirage or IDW inspired movie or Netflix series.
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