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Greg Cipes has been tweeting

Greg Cipes‏@GregCipes9m
Partnering w/ @Nickelodeon @NickAnimation to bring to life @TMNT has been a dream come true.I loved working w/my epic cast,EP's,& artist

And people have been asking if he's continuing as Mikey

@L∆UR∆ @LauraPogosexo
@GregCipes @YahooTV I hope you all get to return to your roles for the new TMNT series. Love you all!!

Greg Cipes‏@GregCipes 12 minutes ago
Greg Cipes Retweeted @L∆UR∆
Me to @NickAnimation @Nickelodeon

Greg Cipes‏@GregCipes 4m4
Greg Cipes Retweeted Matthew Jasso
Idk it's up to the turtle gods

So he doesn't know yet.
My heart!!!! One of my favourite moments.

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