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Originally Posted by chrisdude View Post
I dig the game, so far. As usual, the main thing is presentation. You sort of buy these games every year for the roster update, and it all looks great. The short time Iíve invested in the career mode is pretty offputting, though, as the dialogue from superstars backstage doesnít fit their characters. Cassius Ohno was a complete dick to me the first time I met him. Weird.

Lots of glitches. But seeing Sheamus and Cesaroís proper entrance warms my heart all the same.
I think a lot of people are generally too hard on the series each year. It's a lot of work rescanning all those people just to have it mildly outdated by the time it's released. And all time time devoted to that could takes away from time to ironing out glitches and putting time into expanding Career/Universe mode.

But this year... I've just had tons of very, very bad gameplay experiences. I've probably played close to 30 matches so far, and if I had to guess I'd say 20 of them contained big glitches, 5 of them being game breaking where we had to quit. We played a Royal Rumble where one guy just froze where you couldn't eliminate him. A cage match where someone got knocked through the cage and couldn't get back in the ring. A match where I broke out of a submission but I never left the animation (so I was stuck in a sharpshooter position.) A match where I froze on the top turnbuckle. Just... lots and lots of bad experiences. I'll wait for a patch and hope for the best. And hope the framerate improves on it's 6+ player matches.

But yeah, The Bar has the best tag entrance today

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