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Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
What the PD people THOUGHT They where giving us, is what THEY thought we wanted. done THEIR way, with no knowledge of the characters, and then they where confused as to why most long term fans seemed to still hate it ;o).

THEN the plants came in .

Studios these days don't really need to be very smart when people will defend mediocre work even without plants. They probably figured it was worth an expense if they could convince even half the people who didn't like the movie to give it a chance.
Totally agree with this. The worst part is, they do the movie the wrong way and instead of blaming themselves or thinking 'what if we made them more bad ass and more like the source material' they just shrug and say 'I guess Ninja Turtles just isn't marketable' and pull the plug on the whole thing and we wait 10 more years for someone else to have a crack at it.

That's the biggest problem with the Hollywood execs. It's never their fault in their minds. Their ideas are not dumb, we are. It's either their way in whatever they think is right..... or 'oh well, I guess noone really likes 'insert franchise name here', pull the plug.
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