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While it sounds like a unique and refreshing presentation, it would certainly have its fair share of issues.
Due to time restraints, each segment would have to be cut short and the would lead to underdeveloped and severely lacking stories.
If April was the one telling the stories, she'd probably have to be involved in each one right? I'm pretty dubious that those tales would all work/make sense if April was in them.

I highly doubt any studio would want to make a film like that.
They'd probably think it wouldn't be as marketable as a regular feature film. And since it'd probably be geared towards kids (yeah, I really don't think we'll ever get a TMNT film for older audiences, much as I would love one) they'd argue that kids wouldn't be able to understand it all since it'd be separate stories in one film. We're just likely to get another childish movie filled with cowabunga moments, pizza, lame jokes, and little in the form of actual plot.
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